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Everyone who is interested in financial instruments is familiar with the binary options market on various brokerage platforms. Many judge this type of trading by the numerous posts of unsuccessful investors who tried their hand and lost everything. However, any stable income requires professionalism and skills. There is no easy money in the field of binary options.

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What is binary options in Worldwide?

Binary options – a relatively new direction for investment. The popularity of the tool is due to the simplicity and availability. At the same time, the activity of traders acquires a lot of myths.

This direction appeared in Worldwide in 2011 and is a simplified model of the Forex market. Having emerged as an over-the-counter trading method, very quickly good binary options have become a popular way to invest.

The income depends on the correctness of the price change forecast for the selected asset.

There are two options – the correct forecast brings Profit, the error leads to the loss of the transaction value. Here with самые Best binary options brokers в России 2018 года предлагают привлекательные условия для каждого участника.

Compared to stock trading, the binary options market has a number of undeniable advantages that make these tools popular. One of the advantages of binary contracts is simplicity. Just click on the "above" or "below" and wait for the result. The risks are known in advance. The trader chooses the bet himself.

There are two fundamental differences from other financial instruments. Changes in the price of an asset in binary options are sufficient to generate a fixed income. While on the stock exchange assets Profit depends on the movement of quotations. The second point – the speed of completion of transactions. You can Trade options for up to 60 seconds. Although such trading is considered risky, however, it is more attractive than waiting a few days or weeks on Forexсе.

More than a hundred brokers provide their platforms for trading binary options. Among them, it is important to choose the company that will be comfortable to work with.

When studying the conditions of cooperation, it is important to pay attention not only to the percentage of winnings or fees, but also to the simplicity of the withdrawal of earnings, the absence of fraud with quotes and other factors.

How to choose the best broker from the top 10 rating?

Step-by-step plan that will help you choose the best platform for trading binary options:

  1. The size, turnover and popularity of the broker is of great importance. the Major platforms are often at the top of the trading platforms of binary options. They do not tighten up quotes, they do not have difficulties with the withdrawal of funds. Whereas for small brokers the request for withdrawal of $ 1000 can cause panic or turn into unexplained locks.
  2. do Not succumb to aggressive advertising. This approach usually indicates that the mediator is working to attract newcomers, often not caring about the service and keeping regular users. It is focused on the mass character and unprofessionalism of traders.
  3. Personal Analytics help. this Often refers to the willingness of the usual technical support Manager to answer simple questions about the platform or training materials. In addition, analysts are often aggressive and Intrusive, which indicates the overall strategy of the company. Should I wait for them the correct signals, if the policy broker focused on the rapid draining of the Deposit of the client.
  4. Trust management. Similar to the previous point, you need to be alert when the broker is actively offering such a service. After all, the Trustee becomes the same Manager. It is possible that he knows and knows even less than the trader. The result of such "help" can result in a complete loss of the Deposit in a few hours.
  5. < li>quote Manipulation. the Best way to ensure the integrity of a broker is to compare its charts with official data provided by an independent source. A proportional discrepancy is acceptable, since different sites can be used (for example, a couple of points difference, which is permanent). But if option brokers manipulate quotes, constantly delay the opening of transactions, this is a clear sign of bad faith.

It all depends on the trader. If he is set to the excitement and luck, it makes no sense to look for a suitable site. After all, his income is not important. If a trader is serious about trading and wants to achieve results, it is important to study the independent top binary options rating on our website.

Experts carefully studied the conditions and reviews of the largest companies. The results can be found in the relevant sections.

After studying the broker's conditions, the next step is to become familiar with the platform. The best option is a well-developed, well-known and technically thought-out binary options trading platform. Among the most popular are TechFinancials, KeyStone, MarketPulse, BinaryStation.

the Platform is a server program that trades binary options. The convenience of working with a broker depends on its performance. The site is also affected by the slippage, the accuracy of the price quotations, the rate of work.

Therefore, it is important to know which program the broker is running on. For example, a lot of negative reviews about the Spot Option platform. Для нее характерны зависания, ошибки, расхождения в котировках.

The largest top 10 binary options brokers (Iqoption, expertoption, binary trade and others) offer their own platform, on which staff programmers worked. The only disadvantage of such bespoke programmes – improvement as identify shortcomings. However, when the work is debugged, the results please not only the broker, but also traders. The proprietary platform allows you to add new options, such as the ability to Trade cryptocurrencies.

Period New trader Average Deposit
2016 г. 101 291 $100
2017 г. 189 547 $150
2018 г. 239 089 $250
Forecast for 2019. + 15% > $300

Why is it important to work with the best platform for binary options trading?

An experienced investor will not rush, he is not afraid of temporary failures and carefully chooses which broker is better to work on binary options. He compares conditions and professional reviews. Fraudsters often offer easy money, and in the course of their activities, a quotation of the quotes, a problematic withdrawal of earnings, and sometimes a complete blocking of the account without explaining the reasons, begin to surface.

Successful forecasting in the binary options market today is perceived as random luck and gain. This attitude is generated by dozens of losers, who have drained their entire deposit within an hour after registration. Attracting inexperienced players to your site is beneficial for many companies. After all, in the end, the starting amount of a novice will be fully written off in favor of the broker.

At the same time, many traders turned the work with binary options into a professional activity. And while the deceived players consider the trade "scam", experienced investors are developing new strategies that provide a solid income.

Changes in market quotes depend on many factors that must be considered when concluding transactions. However, the success of the work depends on the integrity of the company offering the trading platform.

Therefore, it is necessary to study the activities of the top 5 brokers offering the best binary options in 2019. It must be confirmed by licenses.

Obtaining a document from such regulators as CySEC, the TFR (center for Regulation of relations in the financial markets), the FSFR (Federal financial markets service), NAFD (national Association of Forex dealers) requires considerable costs. Small brokers do not seek to license activities in Russia. They are often closed together with the money on user accounts. Therefore, having a license is the first step in choosing a broker. Here it is necessary to take into account several nuances:

  • FMRRC – non-governmental Association, which is not able to influence the broker. Complaining about fraud in this organization is usually meaningless.
  • CySEC– state regulator of the European level. Complaints to this regulators allow to solve problem situations with a broker having a similar license. Also, there is the possibility of obtaining compensation in case of bankruptcy of the company. The maximum payout is 20,000 euros.
  • British financial regulator FSA. The list of brokers possessing this certificate is the most reliable and conscientious companies.
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Binary options are a special financial trading tool. At the conclusion of the transaction, the trader makes his own forecast regarding the price of the underlying asset after a certain time. Simplified binary options trading has the following features:

  1. Start of trading. Each asset has a current market value. During the day it is constantly changing.
  2. the Task of the trader is to determine which way the price will move after a while, and select the appropriate option "above/below".
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  4. Next is the choice of contract duration (expiry time) and the size of the bet.
  5. the
  6. With the correct prediction, the user receives 90% rate of winning. Otherwise, it loses the full value of the contract.

As of for 2018 binary options are not officially prohibited. The authorities are not interested in brokers or traders who earn in this way.

Registration on the broker's website and receipt of income does not entail any difficulties on the part of the law.

However, the registration of most brokers in offshore zones makes binary options trading risky due to the unavailability of regulatory organizations.

the Trader does not get a fixed salary for his work. His income is a percentage of a successful transaction. Many brokers offer up to 90% of income for some positions. Trading results depend on the amount of the Deposit, the percentage of payments, the number of successful transactions. In 2018, many brokers included bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in their top platforms. The expansion of the list will result in Profitных strategies.

Отношение к торговле бинарными опционами, как к азартной игре, никогда не приводит к успеху. Это напряженная и требующая полноценного обучения деятельность. Самый лучший бинарный опцион не спасет трейдера от поражения, если он не готов разбираться в тонкостях профессии.

Важно постоянно оттачивать навыки, отрабатывать стратегии на демо-счетах, учиться применять инструменты анализа, понимать закономерности движения рыночной цены, следить за работой успешных инвесторов.

К сожалению, культура инвестирования в нашей стране находится на низком уровне. Новички не желают ждать, им важен быстрый и солидный заработок. Естественно, когда непонятная сфера деятельности приводит к потерям, проще всего навесить ярлык «лохотрон».

Опытный инвестор постоянно обучается. Он просматривает новостные ленты, изучает методы анализа, пробует разные индикаторы и подбирает комфортную стратегию, не забывая о контроле над рисками. Каждый может стать профессионалом. Существует множество систем обучения, видео-уроки, вебинары, информационные статьи и книги.

Главный критерий выбора – надежность. Нет смысла сотрудничать с малоизвестными компаниями, верить активной рекламе, доверять свои сбережения незнакомцам. В один момент можно лишиться заработка, если брокер решит заблокировать аккаунт по неизвестным причинам.

Один из вариантов работы – тестирование нескольких известных площадок. Так можно будет выбрать наиболее достойный вариант, который идеально подойдет по темпераменту трейдера, опыту, размеру инвестиций, условиям вывода средств и другим критериям.

Лучший брокер – известная компания, имеющая сертификат CySEC, с хорошей системой обучения и ответственной службой поддержки. Брокер с долгосрочными целями не будет рисковать своей репутацией, но и не обещает баснословных и быстрых заработков. Такие компании обычно возглавляют рейтинг брокеров на бинарных опционах любого аналитического сайта. Вот некоторые из них – Binomo, OlympTrade.

What to do a beginner, tempted by the prospect of earning money on the Internet? Of course, initially you need to study the rating of top binary options companies. Then get a detailed Overview of the broker's work, study the reviews of traders. On our website you can get at the disposal of the best strategies.

У нас собрана актуальная информация об условиях и результатах сотрудничества с разными брокерами из топ лучших бинарных опционов.

Чтобы составить собственное мнение о брокере, не нужно пересматривать десятки комментариев на специализированных форумах.

На сайте есть все необходимое для новичков: подробные инструкции по открытию счета, работы по торговым стратегиям, критерии оценки и тонкости сотрудничества каждого брокера.

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