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How to trade Classic Options with IQ Option?

Published on 09 Dec 2019 / In iqoption

IQ Option has a new service: IQ Option Classic Options. Learn more about this new service watching this video.

The Stock Options service allows you to buy or sell Stock Options with the best rates and lowest fees.
With more than 500 assets from all the major companies listed in the most important international stock exchanges to choose from, you have access to an annual trading volume of more than One Trillion Dollars.
The key advantage in trading with Stock Options, in a comparison to the normal Trading Stocks, is that we can profit with companies that have a high value per share. Normally, you will not be able to trade them and make a profit with them.
We can, for example, buy an Option of 10 dollars from Google, when the price per share from Google is much higher (exceeding 800 dollars per share).
It works in a simple way. We just choose if we want to go up or down and a desired strike price. We can close our operation at any moment, before the expiration time is up. This is possible when we are winning or losing.
Worst-case scenario, we can lose 100% of our Option. However, in the winning side there is no limit.
Let’s imagine that we bet 10$ in one Stock Option. We can lose the 10$, but we can also close earlier, losing 5$ or 6$. If we win, we can also close before, making the same 5$ or 6$ of profit, but we can profit 30$, 40$ or more with just 10$ Option.
This type of Stock Option allows for a profitably up to 300%, 400% or even more in each Option.

Open free account and have more details here: https://goo.gl/7Qk0s6

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